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Show up early and be forewarned: Spuyten Duyvil Metropolitan Ave. The roomy back patio, open until The Levee Berry St. The patio is small-ish, but boasts a handful of picnic tables complemented by vibrant graffiti that makes the high fences pop. A new arrival to the Bedford scene, Midnights has a lot working in its favor: Happy hour runs M — F, 4: Iona Grand St. What are you waiting for?

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Tasty Eats From the Inaugural Taste of Bushwick Based on the packed crowd enjoying delicious food, drinks, and company, the first-ever Taste of Bushwick was a huge success. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. I first heard about a neighborhood called Bushwick while binging on Season 1 of HBO’s Girls in my college dorm room to celebrate the end of exam period.

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In reality, street and dock gangs flourished in Brooklyn in the 19th and early 20th centuries and even outlasted their more popular brothers just a ferry-ride away. Without the world knowing it, Brooklyn has always had the best gangs. And I am here to prove it. In the same warehouses, soap and cardboard box factories that have been converted to condos and in the same brownstones and rowhouses that are now peopled by artists and hipsters. Because this topic, Gangs of Brooklyn, is so big, I had no choice but to concentrate on the times just after The Great Hunger in Ireland until the beginning of Prohibition, which was right around the time when the dominance of Irish-American street gangs sharply decreased, from around And also to concentrate on the waterfront neighborhoods from Greenpoint down to Red Hook where the vast majority of Famine Irish settled in Brooklyn.

There are way too many gangs to list here. Jackson Hollow was a farm owned by the old Brooklyn Schenck family, but afterwards became an area that the heirs of Samuel Jackson fought over. And where eventually, just like in Ireland, they were made to pay rent for squatting there. Because of lack of employment, or an inability to get work due to their being Irish or Catholic or both, finding work was difficult for men, and if they did find work, there was only part-time available.

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Don’t message someone “Happy Hump Day” on Wednesdays. Other days of the week maybe. Use the Dwight Schrute “Money Beets” method and put your deceptively good-looking photos first.

Bushwick Park and Pool is located on Flushing Avenue between Beaver and Garden Streets, and encompasses acres (5, m 2). The park has a free public pool as well as a children’s pool, basketball courts, a handball court, and a children’s playground.

May 27 It also had maybe the best title screen—or, rather, screens—ever. Shoshanna, we discover, has deep wells of aggression, and may someday be a leader of men. Hopefully she can do this without the crack she smoked while in line for the bathroom, believing it to be marijuana. Then again, this show likes to upend expectations. Advertisement Which brings me to Jessa.

When she first smoked pot with her boss , their sleeping together and all the unpleasant, plot-driving fallout that would have ensued seemed inevitable. But James LeGros takes his character to a very low place this episode—that bottle of white wine he brought to Bushwick was just about the saddest party offering ever—and Jessa is decidedly uncharmed. And speaking of low places, Marnie must be headed for redemption, given how clueless and self-involved she has become.

Except for maybe Jessa.

Townhouse for Sale: Moffat Street, Brooklyn, NY in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Holland-style factory building in Red Hook. Red Hook has been part of the Town of Brooklyn since it was organized in the s. In Dutch, “Hoek” means “point” or “corner,” and not the English hook i.

All kinds of creative types have been filing into Bushwick and a considerable amount of trendiness is trickling in from its ultra-hip neighbour to the west, Williamsburg. New dive bars, bodegas, and gallery spaces continue to flourish, fuelled by the intrepid movers and shakers that are pouring into Bushwick’s converted loft spaces. Although Bushwick is busy reinventing itself, a somewhat.

Tavon Carter was able to buy gas on Third Avenue in Brooklyn despite not having a qualifying license plate number. Lines seemed to be a bit shorter, and though some people with even-numbered plates flouted the law with apparent impunity, there was little reported chaos. For the latest coverage of Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, see the N. Chiesa filed price-gouging complaints against eight vendors on Friday.

Price gouging is defined as increasing prices by more than 10 percent during an emergency, beyond covering any additional costs brought on by the emergency itself. Last year after Tropical Storm Irene, the office received only about a dozen complaints.

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His dog peed on my shoes! We were best friends … until she drank all my milk! No, not when you shack up with your significant other. We mean the murky territory of sharing a place platonically with a member of the opposite sex. Not always, of course.

Affordable Housing for Rent THE SAINT MARKS APTS 20 NEWLY CONSTRUCTED UNITS AT BUSHWICK AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY BUSHWICK * Up to half of CB preference units may be allocated through referrals of applicants from city agencies AVAILABLE UNITS AND INCOME REQUIREMENTS.

But to the north of those projects, the urban fabric along the East River and its tributaries has remained underutilized. That may not be the case for much longer, as plastics company Plaxall has submitted plans to create a new special district along Anable Basin. The proposed rezoning would be on area owned by Plaxall and additional entities. The family has provided longtime support to the Jacob A.

When complete, the development would cover The full plan will create 4, units of mixed-income housing, a quarter of which will be made affordable through the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program. The rezoning would introduce , square feet dedicated to creative production and light industrial use, with the goal of building the legacy and cultural attraction of Anable Basin. Plaxall will request that developers each provide 40, square feet of space or more for the arts.

It would have over seats, and add 30, square feet for community facility use.

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Red Hook via Google Maps UPS recently signed a long-term lease for a acre site in the waterfront neighborhood, The Real Deal reports, likely with plans to open a new distribution center on the lot which includes— Sullivan Street, and Coffey Street, and 68 and Ferris Street, as well as three acres currently being used for parking. An Italian firm previously had plans to develop the Red Hook property into the Red Hook Innovation Studios , a mixed-use complex for creative businesses, but ended up backing out and selling the site to Sitex, an industrial landlord, in May, according to The Real Deal article.

UPS also inked a deal for a , square-foot warehouse in Maspeth, Queens, which combined with the Red Hook property, totals up to 1. If our stories help you be better informed about what’s going on in Brooklyn, become a subscriber. Subscriptions fund our reporting – from covering community meetings to education, to housing and development, to inspiring neighbors, history and latest restaurant news – one neighborhood at a time.

Oct 05,  · Unit features include: central heating/cooling system with wall-mounted thermostat; white oak flooring, in unit washer/dryer hook-up and stainless steel appliances. Bushwick is considered one of the most rapidly evolving neighborhoods and has been coined as a bohemian enclave.

Bethany Bandera, Photographer As you probably know, AIB is an all-volunteer organization, which means that we are only as awesome as the people who give their time. Whether it is as an organizer, one of our festival volunteers, an artist or a sponsor, there are hundreds of really great people who have a hand in everything we do. What most inspires your work? It really changes from month to month. Working for one of my favorites, an ayurvedic spa based in Soho, ended up spurring me on to shoot body movement through yoga and the martial arts.

Meanwhile, photographing the gorgeous ingredients for an East Village-based therapeutic beverage company got me all excited about shooting fresh produce. I really love contributing visual ideas to projects that I believe in, and watching their businesses grow.

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Jun 23rd, Photo: They need to push the envelope and really express their artistic vision to the world on a grander canvas. As the founder of Strapping Young Lad, he dished out some of the most incredible riffs of the late s and early s, but after breaking up the band in he embarked on a solo career into the depths of absolute madness.

I don’t remember exactly what made me get up on a Saturday morning and walk over fifteen miles going back and forth between Bushwick and Bed Stuy to look at apartments, but suddenly, I had to get out of Red Hook as soon as possible and for good.

Tweet on Twitter Ah, irresponsible dog owners: A frustrated neighbor writes about the issue: We have a big problem with [owners not cleaning up after their dogs] on E 17th between Beverly Rd and Albermarle Rd. The public school places signs asking the owners to be kind enough to clean it so the kids can have a clean environment, but now owners are letting their dogs poop on the other side of the street and leaving it there.

Someone placed signs on the two trees but own owners are disregarding them. Dog waste left on the street is not only obnoxious and gross—it can also be dangerous, making its way into our water supply if not disposed of correctly. If owners are blatantly ignoring signs, though, what are some other solutions for handling the problem?

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