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Vegetto Saiyans are a near-extinct naturally aggressive extraterrestrial species that made their home on Sadal , before emigrating to Vegeta. A majority of the race was exterminated by the tyrannical emperor, Freeza , however, a handful did manage to survive, rendering the race close to extinction. Contents History Yamoshi battles the evil Saiyans. The Saiyans originated from Sadal , which it was later destroyed by the internal conflicts of the Saiyans. After that, the species stole another planet and named it “Planet Vegeta”. Detesting the evil in his race, five righteous Saiyans pooled their energies into this single Saiyan, creating a Super Saiyan God. The man fought off the evil Saiyans, but failed, due to the form’s time limit, and evil once again took hold on planet Vegeta. However, out of a fear of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God legend that the Saiyans were known for, the tyrannical emperor destroyed the entire species, leaving only a few scattered survivors. Overview Life Cycle A young Kakarotto floating within an incubator.

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Under the watchful but stern eye their sensei Gohan, Chibbi Trunks had just finished his martial arts training with his best friend Goten and decided to stay and play fight with Goten for a while. But before he knew it a couple hours had pasted Trunks stopped fighting when he noticed the setting sun. Trunks knew that if he was late for dinner again, he was going to get punished by his father.

Bulma and Vegeta have Trunks during a time when Vegeta had a lot of pride issues. So, due to Vegeta’s pride Bulma raises Trunks by herself for a bit. Vegeta realizes his family is important and becomes a better father to his son and daughter.

Share After establishing that he was now the King, Vegeta cut his hair and changed the rules around to his liking. Vegeta the XIV simply known as Vegeta , is the King of all Saiyans, and was once one of the primary advisers for matters overseeing Bejita-sei. Falsifying his death report on Earth, he continued to live there, growing exponentially more powerful than he would have if he had stayed on his home planet.

Kung Fu, and Western Boxing. Through curiosity and persistent training, Vegeta has studied almost every form of Eastern martial art on the planet, and is far and away the most skilled martial artist on the team. He utilizes ki blast barrages infrequently due to their stamina cost, and he will charge big finishing moves from afar, needing defensive time to execute.

Story Vegeta was already impressed that Goku had held him off for so long with martial arts, but it wasn’t until Goten turned Super Saiyan that the Saiyan prince lost all will to fight. In the midst of a sudden existential crisis , Vegeta reported that he was dead and chose to stay on Earth, without reason or cause. For the next few weeks, Vegeta didn’t talk.

He wandered the planet lost whenever the team didn’t keep track of him often even tying him to household structures, which he’d thoughtlessly walk off with. Questioning life and his limits, he meditated, something to which he had never done. He fought to find meaning and he did. He was determined to learn martial arts, become stronger than a Super Saiyan, and kill Goku’s lineage before taking the planet for his own. When he began speaking again, he only spoke in Saiyajin, despite knowing the common language of Earth.

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Im starting to lose my tan! Goten shame on you! And what do you suppose that is? Because Im the son of the devil? Yeah, thats a good story, what else? What the hell do you know you fat, sweaty Mongoloid?

vegeta is with bulma because she is aggressive like a sayian. Also at that she is spoiled. Smart does what ever she can to get what she wants and she things she is the greatest. she is a lot like vegeta.

But the most important part is that we are safe for now and we actually have our full powers here. But you guys had disappeared for a long time, we were all very worried. How do you think I felt when Goten suddenly stood on my doorstep in tears? Telling me his father and brother had vanished? You guys at least owe me an explanation! A good one that is! Maybe not intentionally, but still. Thinking about that little sweet boy in tears made you feel more guilty than ever.

To your surprise, she made way to you and kneeled in front of you. Her smile comforted you but it still creeped you out she could change moods so suddenly. There is no need for you to apologize, unlike others. You noticed Goku started trembling nervously, something that amused you a bit. I feel so old when you add miss to it.

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According to Trunks, he was the result of a brief affair between the two and they never married, even though his mother loved his father. He is also from an alternate future timeline , one in which the Earth is continually terrorized by the evil Android 17 and Android By the time we are introduced to the pair of Androids , over three fourths of the world’s population has been eliminated by them during their spree of destruction.

In this future, Future Gohan and Future Trunks are weaker versions of themselves without the training of the experienced Z Fighters later on. In this timeline , Goku dies of a heart disease six months before the Androids arrive, leaving the Z Fighters without one of their greatest heroes. Trunks’ father Vegeta and all of the heroes of Earth except Gohan are defeated, with the Androids easily outclassing them in power since they were both built to be more powerful than Goku.

Cal was born on a planet where different races lived (due to Planet Vegeta being destroyed, although Cal’s family left Planet Vegeta before its destruction. Cal’s father later left to go work under Frieza leaving Cal’s mom to raise him herself.

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Jane has always looked to the stars and wondered what the universe had in store for her, never had she thought it would involve a step-mother whom despised her and two obnoxious step-sisters.

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The power of a super Saiyan and the brains of me, we will rule the universe with an iron fist! I’m from a time where nightmares are real. So you see, your son and you are not of a threat or danger to me. I’ve fought danger, and live in a nightmare. Let’s just say Goku would have killed you if I hadn’t come.

Sep 04,  · Thinking about this, why didn’t Yamcha and Bulma ever get married and start a family? Yamcha and Bulma started dating when Bulma was only 16 at the end of the Pilaf saga and they continued to be a couple all the way till when Cyborg Freeza came to Earth literally decades later.

However, not wanting to fight in the city in fear of causing more damage after Gero had already destroyed half of the city, they fly to a wasteland so they can fight. Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan form and dominates Android 19 , until the Saiyan contracts the heart virus Future Trunks warned him about three years prior, allowing Android 19 to gain the upper hand and and steals some of Goku’s energy.

Goku, however, is saved by the arrival of Vegeta, who transforms into a Super Saiyan himself and easily destroys Android 19 while the Z Fighters watch in amazement. With Android 19 destroyed, Android 20 a. Gero becomes scared and retreats, with the Z Fighters in pursuit. During the search, Piccolo is suddenly ambushed by Android 20, who attempts to steal the Namekian’s energy and use it against Vegeta. Luckily, Piccolo telepathically contacts Gohan and tells him to come help him.

Gohan soon arrives and knocks Dr.

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What’s Vegeta going to do? This is the second installment to the Great Adventure series. You know I don’t.

Okay so Chi Chis anger and bitchiness at Goku is completely understandable, I mean I’d be pissed if my wife let my child go fighting aliens which could have resulted in him getting killed, but Bulma I don’t get. I mean, seriously, I’m onto episode 42 and literally all I’ve seen her do is bitch and.

Massive fights with villains like Cell and dangerous attacks like the Kamehameha wave may be the first thing that comes to fans’ minds when they think about the franchise, but they’re not its only hallmarks. Despite its seemingly innocent tone, Dragon Ball and all of its sequels are only a hair’s length away from being rated M for mature. Show some blood and guts on TV and nobody panics, but throw in a couple boobs up there and everyone loses their mind!

Yes, that’s a Joker reference. A few of the jokes featured on the list were considered too spicy for American audiences and they weren’t even included in the original dubbed version. Instead of being a gentleman and backing off once he realized he was in a tight jam, he decides to take things even further. Making a quick move and smiling, Roshi quickly sends his head forward into 18’s bosom and keeps it there for about five seconds.


It is clear that in this universe Krillin succeeded Master Roshi as the Turtle Hermit and seems to be serving as mentor to Yamcha and Tenshinhan. Contents [ show ] Divergence Not much is known about Universe 9’s divergence from the main Dragon Ball timeline. The group does seem to recognize Vegeta , Coola who may have taken a more active role against his group than Freeza in Universe 9 , and Babidi.

Vegeta, despite his pains and injuries, his arrogance was still with him. And his arrogance and lust for power kept him alive. A monitor in the hull turned on, and Bulma was on the other side.

Videl knew, with one hundred and ten percent certainty, that she loved Gohan. She was also absolutely certain that Gohan loved her back. The one thing that puzzled her though, was… Why, oh Kami, why, had he never tried to get her to sleep with him? Was it even normal for a young man of twenty to not have his mind in the gutter? Because Kami in heaven, her mind had been mired in there for months. They had been dating since high school.

And she was getting impatient… She was only human, dammit! He was perfection in the flesh! With his soft dark hair in a naturally messy wave, and pitch black eyes that could drown her in their depth and unbelievable gentleness… His obscenely sharp jaw that bordered plump lips… his powerful, yet tender hands, and a graceful body seemingly sculpted by no less than the highest gods themselves.

He peered worriedly into her face as he noted her flushed cheeks. You looked like this too, while we were in your backyard yesterday. Did you change something in your gym routine? When it came to anything remotely sexual, all advances were utterly lost on him. She was wrenched from her thoughts when she felt him grasp her hand, pulling her with him, as he slowly flew them towards the ground.

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Well I have heard from various places that was said in interviews. I am not saying it’s fact, but I am not dismessing that it was said either. But if it is true, I have to compliment Toriyaka on confessing on not knowing how to write romance. I wish more authors like Kubo would be honest in their short comings. As far as the age difference, that is not a big deal in anime.

The oldest Dragon Ball/Z/GT fanfiction archive on the Web. Anime Etc. / The Otaku Institute / The Otaku Institute Same-Sex Archive / Fanfic Recommendations / Suto-ri Denkaku. The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library The oldest Dragon Ball/Z/GT fanfiction archive on the Web! the world must go on. vegeta and bulma start an awkward relationship.

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Azula’s not the only girl interested though.

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It was fun to play with what it means to be a villain, what is good and evil, what is truth, what is right, what is good, what is good for someone all in this story. I was big into the Beatles in this story, particularly side 3 and a bit of side 4 of the Beatles’ White Album. That had marked influence on this story as well.

Appel possesses Bulma’s upbeat energy and Vegeta’s fighting spirit and power. Dohko and Appel met as teenagers, introduced by Appel’s cousin, Bulma Leigh, and Dohko’s cousin, Shion. They hit it off, began dating and married immediately after High School and had a son named Draco.

I do not own, or have copyright to any of the characters in this story, no matter how much I want to etc. Chat show chaos Characters: Jerry Springer Show Two Warnings: Basically, Trunks is about 16, and Gohan is still only a kid. The crowd as always are chanting Jerry’s name and Jerry himself is standing looking dodgy as always smiling at the camera ] Jerry: Hello, and welcome back.

Now today’s show is another anime variety show [much cheering from crowd] as proven so popular by our last one, which contained many of the characters from Pokemon.

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