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Should someone throw us a big party? Costumes, props, blindfolds, earmuffs. To set the record straight: You guys were really sober while creating and writing Awesome Show? We had major drug problems through it. Yeah, we found that you have to be kind of sober.

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Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (originally billed as Tim and Eric Awesome Show), created by and starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, is a comedic American television series which premiered February 11, on Adult Swim/5(28).

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Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have created the first fully live action show on the Cartoon Network, and it is a wildly creative and off-the-wall tribute to the YouTube era full of bizarre sketches and segments. In keeping with the YouTube spirit, they have put together a series of viral videos whereupon they talk about how excited they are about Shrek The Third, and how groundbreaking Shrek really is. You can find even more of their Shrek vids here. It sinks to the lowest common denominator: Base, crass, crude, tasteless, etc.

But yeah, the live action stuff is particularly awful in my opinion.

Jul 23,  · Watch video · When “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” had its premiere in , few in the mainstream press grasped this minute show’s importance as a radical break from the past. But some comics did.

Their bursts of deliriously random nonsense evoke Monty Python, and their preference for eccentric amateurs instead of comics is similar to the inclinations that turned Larry Bud Melman into an unlikely star on late-night television. What makes Tim and Eric truly innovative, however, is the process and delivery system for their giddy style, generating jokes as much in the editing room as on the page. But some comics did. Their quick-hit sketches are filled with cartoonish noises squishes, snaps , abrupt edits, star wipes , zooms held seconds too long and freeze frames emphasizing contorted faces.

Tim and Eric mock clumsy cable access, for sure, but also venerate the possibilities of terrible acting or the kinds of mistakes that reveal an honest moment in the middle of the artifice of show business. One of their most distinctive sketches began when they realized that the scenes they were shooting about an indifferent student at a Roman Catholic school were not working. Reilly, compares their process to the comedic version of a D. Just do the wrong thing.

But it has to be the perfect wrong thing at the right time with a rhythm to it. They are just as likely to abandon a premise abruptly or embrace confusion. Is this acting or not? This truly disgusting sequence helped earn them a stampede of walkouts at Sundance, but also the kind of notoriety with a shelf life among fans of cult film.

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The deeper I got the more it all started to say the same thing. And you have absolute power to create the life you want. Abraham Hicks does the best job of summing it all up in the easiest to understand way. It matters how you feel. How you feel lets your know if your connected to the flow of everything you want.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is an American sketch comedy series created by and starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, which premiered February 11, .

Executive produced by Thank You, Brain! The best of the best. Everyone Is Doing Great Created by James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti — Los Angeles, CA Five years after their series Eternal has ended, actors Seth and Jeremy lean on each other as they struggle to reclaim their previous level of success and relevance, awkwardly navigating the perils of life and love amidst a humorously painful coming of age. Stan Against Evil Framed [World Festival Premiere] Created by Claire McFadden — Chicago, IL This Chicago-set improvised series goes behind the counter of a custom frame shop, where a parade of customers reveal their troubles, aspirations, and drama in the process of framing their precious art.

Ghost Squad [World Festival Premiere] Created by Andy Kushnir and Carley Moseley — Chicago, IL A mockumentary series which follows a ragtag group of paranormal investigators led by their staunchly optimistic leader Desperado Miller, who join forces to suss out ghouls and spirits from homes across the Chicago area.

Work Buds [World Festival Premiere] Created by Brett Maline and Damian Gomez — Los Angeles, CA A recently dumped, pushover bookkeeper lets his clueless, overbearing boss take him out to cheer him up, and one drink leads to the longest night of their lives. Monteleone and Nicole DiMattei — New York, NY This strange little series follows five friends through the seven stages of grief as they all, in their own ways, learn to say goodbye to a wife, a sister, and a friend.

Starring Emma Fitzpatrick Significant Mother, The Social Network Cuff [World Festival Premiere] Created by Kesav Wable — New York, NY A talented young rapper, who is considering giving it all up for a safer path, is confronted by a freshly-paroled gang banger he helped put away, forcing him and his dominatrix girlfriend into choices they can never undo. Dirt [World Festival Premiere] Created by Hannah Warling — Orange, CA Set on a Paiute Native American reservation, a girl named Nina struggles to find her missing sister, forced to navigate jurisdictional issues, corruption, and even resistance within her own family.

The Gentrifiers [World Festival Premiere] Created by Jared Goodman — Brooklyn, NY Set against a lower class neighborhood in the midst of a dramatic upheaval as urban sprawl extends to its borders, six characters intersect as hopes and dreams are fulfilled or crushed on opposite sides of the same street. Hummingbird Created by Yohan R.

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Characters[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message James Quall — a standup comedian , celebrity impressionist , and singer that debuted during Season 2. He usually incorporates the phrase ” spaghetti and meatballs ” into his work. Quall is a personal friend and next door neighbor of Hart, and has appeared with him on Hart’s Public-access television cable TV show in Los Angeles, California.

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I think that may be evident to a lot of people. You don’t kowtow to the audience. Sometimes the audience is wrong. I always think the audience is wrong. Being popular is poison. My mom and dad are like, ‘You’re not enjoying any of this’. I say, ‘It’s your fault for not raising me up to be superficial’. People are trying to prove things. And I probably have that. Probably guilty of it, in a way.

I’m not going to adapt my life after that existence, where a lot of people do.

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Here, edited and condensed, is our conversation: So this year, we just kind of felt that we had something to say. Part of it was a gift to our fans who made us. The theme of the Awesome Show is that we try to present it in this special way, to the best of our abilities, and then it falls apart, instantly. We want it to feel out of control, but Tim and I take it very seriously, and every little mess-up, every breakdown, is calculated.

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The show always begins with a short skit, the theme song and then an introduction to the show by its creators. Each episode’s introduction puts Tim and Eric into a different style of television. The humor comes from the way Tim and Eric parody styles like talk shows, public access or popular teen television. In one episode the entire show is cut and animated like a low rent MTV show with absurd product placement and a reality segment of Tim buying a bong.

After much deliberating, debating, and voting we at Way Too Indie have compiled what we consider to be the best 50 shows to come out of the decade so far. Check back each day this week as we count down to the top ten. Ranging from discussions on semantics, bizarre theories about the afterlife, or the semi-frequent Monkey News updates, Ricky and his crew turn their focus to the tangents, exploring comedic digressions for even bigger laughs.

Pilkington will often read a news article headline, or recall a small detail about something, only to extrapolate a slew of illogical explanations that inevitably leave both Gervais and Merchant stunned. The Ricky Gervais Show is the perfectly disposable show; about nothing in a way Seinfeld could have only wished, yet endlessly entertaining. But the moment Reilly showed up as Dr.

Fans of Awesome Show were excited, but could Dr. Brule hold a show entirely on his own? Steve Brule to answer that question with a resounding yes. Made to look like a Channel 5 show aired at an ungodly hour, Check It Out! As perfect an example as any from the decade so far of the tectonic plates that are continuously shifting between television and cinema, this supernatural French drama-thriller hybrid could only truly work in this format.

All the action happens in a tiny provincial town, its mountainous location proving prime real estate for series DP Patrick Blossier to weave spectacularly photogenic exterior shots.

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Just before Higgins introduced Fallon, the camera cut to a shot of The Roots, who then shouted three numbers symbolizing the episode number of Late Night though other numbers and statements have been shouted in place based on current events,[ citation needed ] cities if that episode’s number matches a particular city’s area codes, and historical show moments – toward the end of the show’s run, Questlove would shout how many episodes remained rather than the number of the show itself.

As the camera panned over to the main stage, some members of The Roots performed actions to get the camera’s attention F. Knuckles saluted, Captain Kirk Douglas did a windmill chord, and Damon Bryson smiled while flashing a peace sign. Higgins then introduced Fallon with a drawn-out “And here he is, Jimmy Fallon! Fallon often gave the cue cards for a joke to audience members if the joke fell particularly flat.

This includes 14 projects that tackle relationships and dating, eight Chicago-based pilots and the most animation selections seven and strongest drama pilots we have ever had. Here are the 32 comedy pilots: Two stay-at-home dads navigate life in suburbia.. As an apocalyptic meteor hurtles toward Earth, five friends reveal their deepest darkest secrets to each other while they still have the chance.

A dark comedy following two twenty-whatever roommates as they poorly navigate life, relationships, and getting up in the morning. The members of an unconventional moving company try in earnest to transform the lives of their Brooklyn clientele through song and dance. CIA Black Ops agents are the smartest, deadliest spies in the world.

The best of the best. This Chicago-set improvised series goes behind the counter of a custom frame shop, where a parade of customers reveal their troubles, aspirations, and drama in the process of framing their precious art. A comedy series following the attempts of a once great English footballer to resurrect his career in Los Angeles. A mockumentary series which follows a ragtag group of paranormal investigators led by their staunchly optimistic leader Desperado Miller, who join forces to suss out ghouls and spirits from homes across the Chicago area.

A sketch comedy show that celebrates and examines Latino culture from a brand new perspective. Lazy and hapless Ian uses a money app to earn rent from strangers, in exchange for doing any single favor they may ask for.

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