Jasmin Areebi latest WWE star to be caught up in racism storm

While the divorce is still in the process, Rotunda recently accused her estranged husband of spending thousands of dollars on his girlfriend’s lavish expenditures and denying spousal and child support. We have all the details about the tumultuous divorce here! Gossipmongers claimed that couple remained tight-lipped about their affair until the WWE star’s former wife Rotunda filed a divorce in June in Florida claiming Wyatt of having extra-marital affair with Offerman. At the time, Rotunda’s lawyer revealed that Wyatt had been in a continuous contact with Offerman. Don’t know when this photo was taken but here’s Bray Wyatt and JoJo arriving to an arena together. The couple has been successful to keep their relationship under the radar till date. The pair eventually fell in love and tied the knot in Heavy Rotunda filed for divorce in June accusing Wyatt of ‘adultery and misdeeds’ and also demanded spousal support, child support, alimony and a custody of their children for a majority of the time.

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Still, relationships within the business are a common thing and it makes sense when you really think about it. Wrestlers live a very unique life on the road and spend the majority of their time away from home. It is impossible to meet people in everyday life and relationships are formed with those you spend the most time with. Many of the current top WWE superstars are involved in relationships with other wrestlers.

The majority of them are dating fellow stars in the WWE.

WWE wrestler Paige (aka Saraya-Jade Bevis,) who was previously engaged to A Day To Remember‘s Kevin Scaff, has another beau familiar to those in the heavy music scene. Metal Injection report that she is dating Attila bassist Kalan Adam Blehm, with the two having confirmed their relationship via social media in recent weeks.

A short while later, this photo surfaced online of the two posing together with fans. The pics kept rolling in as a photo of Del Rio and Paige kissing in public really got fans buzzing. What Alberto Del Rio and Paige Have In Common Fans catch rare glimpses of their favorite wrestlers when the spotlight goes off and feel quite hurt if they are caught unaware by one development or another. Broken hearts and a fifteen-year age difference aside Paige is years-old, whereas Alberto Del Rio is 39 , their romance actually seems natural considering they both have wrestling in their blood.

Like Paige, Del Rio comes from a wrestling family. In fact, he is a member of one of the most respected families in Mexican wrestling. He is also the nephew of Sicodelico, and his cousins are Sicodelico Jr. A photo of the tattoo quickly surfaced on social media along with a shot of Paige and Del Rio — Del Rio for some reason was shirtless. The artist who tattooed Paige posted a photo of her work on Instagram and remarked: It is quite visible since he now has a large cross with a ribbon around it tattooed on the left side of his torso.

However, those looking for any insight into her relationship with Del Rio, or any explanation at all, will be disappointed.

Kelly Kelly rumored to be dating “Gay” WWE Star. Kelly Kelly’s Response to the rumor.

Once a professional football player whose career ended due to a severe injury, Bill rose from his own ashes and became a WWE mega-star. Even though I left the ring, for me is very important to have a fit body and stay energetic. After I turned 40, it got harder and harder for me to build muscle while keeping my body fat low.

WWE News, Backstage Stories, Photos & Videos. Peyton Royce Photos You Need To See PWPIX | October 5, Peyton Royce calls herself IIconic and backs up .

It’s a billion dollar business with millions of viewers all around the world – and making it in the business can even be a passport to Hollywood stardom. And now, a year-old woman from the south Wales Valleys is on her own climb to the top off the WWE mountain. Steffanie Newell – better know by her wrestling name Tegan Nox – is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the brightest young prospects in wrestling.

Tegan Nox takes flight in a trademark move Image: She’s not the only young Welsh athlete breaking into WWE. Last year, we told the story of the former Cardiff pupil making it big. And this is what life is like inside the world of Welsh wrestling. From the Rhymney Valley to the WWE Unlike many wrestlers, Steffanie was not always aiming to be a sports entertainer when she was growing up, despite being a big fan.

She played football for local teams and had trials for both Cardiff City and the Welsh national team. She also played tag rugby and netball.

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First, Hulk Hogan was blackballed by the WWE after footage in which he used derogatory remarks came to light. Racist tweets And it looks like the WWE could have yet another racism storm on their hands today after another rising star appears to have been caught posting similarly offensive statements. Sign up now and submit a word test article: Areebi, a Arab-Canadian wrestler, had previously been lauded as having broken down racial boundaries in the WWE by becoming the first ever wrestler of her ethnicity to wrestle in the company.

5m Followers, Following, 1, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe).

June 20, at 5: Amore was stunned by the utter betrayal of his partner and he was left heartbroken, almost as if he just got dumped. Who is Enzo Amore Dating? WWE pros spend a lot of time on the road away from home. And sometimes, when they break up, they move on with other wrestlers in a soap-operatic twist. In the case of Enzo and Cass, both are dating two female pros. Gionna Daddio is better known by her wrestling alter ego, Liv Morgan. She made her televised debut in as a planted fan, who jumped Tyler Breeze during his ring entrance.

Advertisement After a few more appearances, she entered the ring as Liv Morgan. She has also competed with Carmella in a six-women tag-team match. She grew up in New Jersey with her four older brothers and younger sister. After the passing of her father, her mother raised the six kids by herself.

WWE news: Nikki Bella confirms she is dating again following split with John Cena

WWE bought the video library from the private owner. For many decades, until the mid s, the NWA acted as a governing body of the many various regional wrestling promotions, and membership allowed for decreased regional competition and the shared use of big-name stars for local events. Condition[ edit ] Although professional wrestling has been on television throughout the medium’s existence, not all broadcasts were recorded, nor necessarily saved, and most promotions did not have a regular television presence until the s.

Many promotions taped over everything, so very little footage exists. The historical availability of individual, non-televised matches is also incomplete, as likely only the most significant bouts were recorded for posterity, and can be lost to time.

Oct 14,  · Many of the current top WWE superstars are involved in relationships with other wrestlers. The majority of them are dating fellow stars in the WWE.

He is classed as a Grappler. Biography Edit A veritable icon whether he’s dropping fists inside the ring or calling the action from ringside, Jerry “The King” Lawler has cemented himself as one of the most accomplished color commentators and Superstars in history. A self-proclaimed king, this excitable and outspoken Raw color commentator from Memphis, Tennessee, has been dishing it out with the microphone and in the ring dating back 30 years.

He got his original break back home in the Memphis wrestling circuit. It’s his gift of gab and southern pride that have on occasion led to “The King” lacing up the boots and getting in the ring again. While “The King” has scored victories over legends such as Terry Funk and Hulk Hogan during his career, he is perhaps best known for his rivalry with entertainer Andy Kaufman. This led to a role alongside Jim Carrey in the hit film, Man in the Moon. The Lawler-Kaufman battles raged not only in the ring, but on television as well.

Lawler’s incident on Late Night with David Letterman where he slapped Kaufman is considered one of the most memorable moments in that show’s history. Jerry “The King” Lawler entrance with crown.

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Wednesday, May 16, , Ever since the Total Divas show started to air, his life has been converted into a scripted show courtesy of Nikki Bella. As we all know, she is still the prime name of the show. Here comes the need of the couple in WWE.

The WWE have, in recent weeks, taken a firm no tolerance stance on incidents of racism that have overshadowed the organization. First, Hulk Hogan was blackballed by the WWE after footage in.

The show features the 30 man Rumble Match, the biggest trademarked bout of each calendar year. A longtime pro wrestling fan, it was a natural fit, and dating back to WrestleMania 31 in , the McMahon family has coveted her. She worked a small, well-executed segment on that show in Santa Clara, California with The Rock and Stephanie McMahon, leaping over the railing from her very handy front row seat to get involved. Charlotte, Becky, and Bayley appeared to mock the fighters across the way during the July tapings, which would air in the fall.

For her entire NXT run, she was undefeated. Enter Ronda Rousey, a no-doubt sports superstar and celebrity, whose UFC career came to a close when her attention was diverted to Hollywood and once women caught up to her in the Octagon. What she gets alongside a lucrative, favorable contract from Vince McMahon is the possibility of a protected persona. Rousey can come in, leave Vince and Stephanie in particular googly-eyed over her name recognition alone, and be the new Brock Lesnar.

She might even be presented as more unstoppable than Lesnar, who is slated to lose to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 34, barring a change in direction. Considering how much Vince adores Reigns, a shift seems unlikely. This is common sense. Nothing interests WWE more than this kind of non-wrestling attention. This is pro wrestling.

Bray Wyatt Of WWE Allegedly Dating Young Ring Announcer JoJo Offerman Post Divorce!

Height 5 feet 5 Inches 1. Most recently she is famous for her WWE voice and also her presentations. Before joining the WWE, she did work in several media and also as an actress also as a child actress as well. At the age of 19, Young relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a comedic star, but later went back to Canada and auditioned for movies, and commercials. But in a media career, she started serving for The Score Television in and also worked for Bite TV and other several other media as well.

And recently she is working successfully in WWE.

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Very few people know about their favorite sports athlete and entertainers? For years, Renee Young has been portrayed as your host to for the WWE network and has interviewed a lot of WWE superstars about their life and experience but what about her personal life? Married Plans and Husband? Being a host on different shows of WWE, Renee must spend a lot of time around famous hunky athletes.

But who among them has captured her heart? Well, it was Dean Ambrose.

Recently Released WWE Star Claims He’s Retiring, Takes Shot At Wrestler For Criminal Record

However, it’s important to understand that there’s no one simple answer that can be taken one-for-one and ported from NXT to the main roster. Raw and SmackDown are catering to a much broader audience and have to achieve much different goals than NXT, but there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the way NXT has produced its incredible run of TakeOver shows dating back well over a year.

First and foremost, NXT offers a commitment to telling a cohesive story on both an individual and a roster-wide basis. Granted, it’s a much simpler task to tell a story with a consistent through-line when there’s only an hour of TV per week and five TakeOver specials to worry about per year, like NXT, rather than three live hours a week for Raw, two live hours of SmackDown and a 3.

The roster sizes are also dramatically different.

WWE Libraries Inc. (branded as WWE Legacy Department) is a WWE-owned subsidiary that consists of the largest collection of professional wrestling videos and copyrights in the world. It is comprised not only of past and current works by WWE (formerly the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, World Wide Wrestling Federation, World Wrestling Federation, and World Wrestling Entertainment) but the works.

Email Copy Link Copied Modern day wrestling stars have enjoyed a lot of fame and fortune, with the WWE rewarding its top talents for their hard work and making sure they are in a comfortable position in the company. The WWE is booming with talent right now, not only with their main roster being jam-packed with amazing wrestlers, but Triple H’s NXT also having a lot of amazingly talented wrestlers, a brand which offers stiff competition to the main shows. While many of these wrestlers are known around the world because of the reach of WWE, they don’t really have active social lives because of how hard they have to work.

There are many wrestlers in WWE who are still shockingly single, but there is a healthy portion who are committed to someone else. Be it a fellow wrestler or someone they got to know in their personal lives, these WWE stars definitely love to show off their relationship whenever they can. They seem to be really happy with their relationships, as we take a look at who they are dating nowadays. The United States Champion is a great worker in the ring, but his outburst towards the fans at times give the hint that he may be a terrible person in real life.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case at all, as Corbin actually has a very loving girlfriend to go home to in Rochelle Roman.

Braun Strowman Wiki: WWE, Fights, Girlfriend, and the Art of Demolition

But her accomplishments also include a bronze medal in Judo at the Olympics and now a burgeoning career with the WWE. Ronda Rousey Photo Credit: She almost died at birth from lack of oxygen, caused by the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. The mild brain damage she suffered prevented her from speaking actual words until the age of six. He committed suicide in after learning that a sledding accident that broke his back would eventually leave him a quadriplegic.

John Cena and A.J. Lee kissed on Monday night’s episode of “WWE RAW,” exciting their Twitter fans.

Jim Ross revealed his biggest advice to new wrestlers. That’s one question on the minds of a lot of WWE fans. As one of WWE’s premiere Divas, it can only be. That’s one question on the minds of a lot of wrestling fans. As one of the top women’s wrestlers in WWE , it can only be. WWE Elimination Chamber Results and video highlights. Log into your account. Here are some photos of the couple: While a lot of it is based in some sort of fiction, pro wrestlers. They have been publicly outed as they were spotted at.

WWE Elimination Chamber results: What was ‘Match of the Night’ in.