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What she did to her is fucked up! Everyone would always talk about how much they love Naomi and hate Annie. I am not necessarily an Annie fan because I find her irritating but seriously! She did not deserve that at all. There are also serious consequences for people who send naked pictures and I wish Naomi had to face those. She could have ruined Annie’s life and in real life, that is exactly what would have happened. Also, I think Annie did that for the same reason she called the cops at Naomi’s party.

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So-so children’s animation Rating: I interviewed Spinney about 20 years ago and he seemed a bit old even then to be tirelessly dressing up as an enormous yellow bird. He’s now an octogenarian, but still at it, with the result that Big Bird, according to those who know him best, has developed a slight stoop. This film also reveals that the famous costume comprises no fewer than 4, feathers, Spinney once contemplated suicide after the break-up of his first marriage , but, best of all, that in a live show, in front of thousands of children, Spinney’s radio microphone picked up a wavelength that’s used by truckers and their girlfriends.

Big Bird duly opened his beak and out came: I wish I could say it was fun, but even for the under-eights laughs are infrequent, the animation uneven and the familiar Old Testament tale is given an unnecessarily bizarre spin.

All my life, I’ve looked up to you. And when I moved out here, all I wanted was to be friends with you, but you wouldn’t let me in. You looked down on me, ignored me, and I know you basically told Dixon and Aunt Deb that I was a stalker.

View moreless Facts of Brooke Langton She is not married yet and she is not currently dating anyone either. However, she had been in a relationship once. She started dating her actor boyfriend David Chokachi in the year but their relationship did not go so well, as expected. Though Brooke hasn’t spilled the beans of her personal life, some sources report that she has a child, son named Zane. She and her reported son are even spotted in public.

However, nothing about her pregnancy is known. She has had an amazing career but she did struggle in her early days. She started her career from the year Since to date, she has appeared in more than 50 projects including TV shows and films. Brooke wons a website, brookelangton. Brooke Langton facts on timeline Born in U. A She was born in on 27th of November.

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As much as i loved Kelly and Brandon, I’ve kind of just excepted the fact that it was always Kelly and Dylan.. Dylan loved Kelly and not Brenda? The only time Dylan ran to Kelly was when things weren’t working out with Brenda. Kelly was always second choice.

Meghan Markle ‘’ Scene A Shocker, But Meghan And Prince Harry A Great Match. and wholly un-royal photos and videos from Meghan Markle’s life before Prince Harry would have been a huge obstacle to the romance between Harry and Meghan only a few years ago.

Emmalee Thompson — little Prue “A lot has happened to me in the past year and a half. I’ve seen… I’ve seen things I never imagined existed and it’s changed me. It’s made me wanna make changes. Her Wiccan powers were focused on mind and movement: Besides this, Prue possessed the basic powers of a witch: Prue worked as a successful photo journalist at Magazine , a career she wanted to pursue since her youth, but had given up until being introduced to the world of magic made her realize that her dreams were worth fighting for.

Despite her formidable powers and sharp intellect, Prue was tragically murdered on May 17th, , in her own home by the Source of All Evil ‘s personal assassin, Shax , which temporarily severed The Power of Three altogether. For years, her sisters thought that she was living happily in the afterlife with their mother and grandmother , though they were eventually told that Prue had been reincarnated. However, Prue had actually disappeared and Patty gave Cole Turner the task of finding her.

Though Prue initially chose to keep her distance from her sisters out of fear of the cataclysmic consequences, she eventually decided to return to San Francisco when her youngest sister, Paige Matthews , arrived in search of a candidate for Magic School who worked at “Salem Witch House”, and was happily reunited with Piper and Phoebe.

Ultimately, after vanquishing the Darklighter Rennek and absorbing the Empyreal Sword , the Grimoire and the All into herself, she became the caretaker of the connection between Earth to the Upper Regions and to the Underworld. Over the course of the year, she began to pose a threat to her family and eventually, despite her best intentions and efforts, became a calamity to mankind. She has since rejoined her family in the afterlife.

Contents [ show ] History This article discusses the most significant events in the life of Prue Halliwell.

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By Michelle Zoromski I have to admit, I was curious to see how the first standalone episode would be, away from the spotlight of the big premiere. Not only that, but was anyone else excited to see the new opening credits? Besides being super short, it wasn’t bad — good use of the original BH:

Beverly Hills means something different to different people. For some it represents a big part of their childhood, for others it’s not much more than a silly teenage drama and a guilty pleasure, and for still others it’s a serious commentary and totally relevant to real life (lol).

Dixon, how ’bout a new phrase, like “this bites” or “this blows,” because you’ve been saying “this sucks” for the last fifteen hundred miles. They still get married in L. Plenty of weddings for me to shoot. Maybe you can shoot mine when I get my trophy wife. Dude, I am your trophy wife. Oh my God, would you look at this? It’s like the Oscars and everybody’s Scarlett Johansson. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

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Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay The main characters are detailed here. Facts about them are followed by a Episode Guide link into the episode from which the information was gleaned. Ross Geller David Schwimmer: Ross is Monica’s brother. He has a Ph. Originally in the series, he worked for a museum [ 1.

Google Hollywood life and you will find an interview with Matt lantern where he says the original finale was much different because they expected a short 6th season of the show.

Reasons for Children of the 80s to Feel Old I was watching Daria last night on Mtv, and one of the characters had commented “It’s hard to believe someone born in the 80s could have such a 50s opinion. Kids who aren’t old enough to remember when records were the majority of albums sold in music stores, kids not old enough to remember the death of disco ok, so that’s a FORTUNATE thing. So here’s a list of things that make me feel fairly old even though I’m only 25 years old.

So here they are: Junior The members of the “Backstreet Boys” were most likely born in the eighties. People start calling you “sir” or “miss” actually, that makes anyone feel old You don’t get carded when ordering a beer and you feel really old when the other people in your group do Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’s first album is now over 20 years old.

The “little girl” in E. Some of the special effects in Return of the Jedi actually look pretty low tech to you now, even though you remember being blown away by them when you first watched them. Conversation I had with an 18 year old cousin: I wasn’t even born yet. Talk about making me feel old.

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She has a unique look and when she goes out to a party says usually one or two guys will hit on her. The other night she changed her look and there was a line of guys wanting to speak to her. And the guys, who did want to talk to her were a from the guys who usually talk to her.

After last week’s episode, we were excited that was spicing up its storylines by adding a few villainous characters. Fast forward seven days, though, and only one made a real impact.

Share this article Share Surrounded by bottles of vodka, cupcakes and a massive chocolate cake reading ‘Thank you for 5 wonderful seasons’, the gang certainly seemed to be in the mood to party. Each taking it in turns to make a speech at the DJ booth, all the stars looked happy and nostalgic as they reflected on their memories of the show throughout its five dramatic series.

The cast seemed in good spirits as they gathered around to reflect on their memories of the show Fresh-faced: The cast have come a long way since landing their roles in the show back in Shenae Grimes, who played troubled teen Annie Wilson, looked close to tears as she took to the microphone, with AnnaLynne McCord wrapping a reassuring arm around her as they cuddled up for one last time. But rather than make the bash a sombre occasion, AnnaLynne embraced the spirit of her party girl alter-ego Naomi Clark by boogying up a storm in the DJ booth.

The year-old actress showed off her slim figure in a black sheer mesh top, which paraded a glimpse of toned midriff, and skinny jeans – while accessorising with a studded belt and a statement necklace. Naomi would be proud:

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First Ethan, which both Naomi and Annie did not have a problem with and then Liam? I mean, obviously Adrianna sent naked pictures after the Navid incident but none of the group of friends would have been cool with it, no matter how ridiculous Adrianna was acting from her sudden fame. There are some flaws of this show that shove it beneath most teen drama shows like the interaction between the group of friends.

My sweet friend Curt just informed me via instant message that it is Day. After a few moments of wondering when the Mayor bestowed our favorite kids from Beverly Hills a key to the city, I realized that it is September 2,

I will be your tour guide through this tumultuous ride through teen angst for the duration of sweeps and your psychiatrist when it is all over. But Dixon wants to talk about the pregnancy and the options they can take with it. Dixon returns home and lies about being late for surf team practice, which Harry calls Dixon out on because the coach told Harry that Dixon was off the team. Oh like that is supposed to make it ok? Dixon gets another IM from Sasha, which says that she is having cramps.

Debbie tells Dixon to grab his coat, because they are going over there. When they arrive, Sasha is shocked to see Debbie and stumbles over her words profusely, especially when Debbie asks her if she seen a doctor. Debbie asks her how far is she in the pregnancy and Sasha says a month and that she got the sonogram done and everything. Debbie notices what I notice, but she is thrown out the house after Sasha gets pissed about being interrogated.

But Debbie is no dummy and uses one of the things that I love about women:

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BH realcouchpotatoofphilly Meanwhile, this lady is purchasing diamond Barbie pendants for her FOUR year old and her closest 25 friends. I weep for our future. Why does Lisa have not one but TWO satin dresses with gigantic rosettes on the strap?

star AnnaLynne McCord opens up about sexual assault Dallas actress speaks about the sexual assault she suffered as an year-old.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Dark-haired, attractive, charming and taller than Brandon. One of the original and most famous examples. He’s portrayed as a aloof, brooding, tough, super-cool bad boy with abandonment issues, and very popular with girls both in-universe and out. Widowed at the Wedding: Dylan and Toni are married without any problems, but Toni is shot and killed by a hitman hired by her father, who intended to kill Dylan instead; this caused Dylan to leave Los Angeles.

Despite being always credited as a main character, in Season 1 he was just a Plucky Comic Relief who was mostly seen around Scott and rarely interacted with the other, older teen characters, if not for being an insignificant Abhorrent Admirer to Kelly. He gets better in season 2. He was a relatively minor character in season 1, but from season 2 onwards he becomes part of the group and Donna’s boyfriend.

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Share this article Share Surrounded by bottles of vodka, cupcakes and a massive chocolate cake reading ‘Thank you for 5 wonderful seasons’, the gang certainly seemed to be in the mood to party. Each taking it in turns to make a speech at the DJ booth, all the stars looked happy and nostalgic as they reflected on their memories of the show throughout its five dramatic series.

The cast seemed in good spirits as they gathered around to reflect on their memories of the show Fresh-faced: The cast have come a long way since landing their roles in the show back in Shenae Grimes, who played troubled teen Annie Wilson, looked close to tears as she took to the microphone, with AnnaLynne McCord wrapping a reassuring arm around her as they cuddled up for one last time.

Fans of the Discovery Health Channel and its attendant medical shows might defend these intimate procedures as having more than a cosmetic value given their ability to improve physical health, boost self-confidence and the like.

Create New The original series, or the overall franchise, contains: The show, especially in Seasons 1 and 2, was very topical – addressing issues such as racism, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. In some episodes, these issues were handled very well. The revelation of Jack McKay’s survival in Season 10, despite the fact that he was blown up seven seasons earlier. Kelly, for her former reputation as the school slut, being an Alpha Bitch though with Hidden Depths , and also the biggest reason, stealing Dylan while Brenda was away in Paris with Donna, which caused a major rift in the base.

However, there are fans who believed Kelly improved over the seasons , became more of the Lovable Alpha Bitch , and it also helped a bit that she has a Trauma Conga Line e. Even though he is also the Breakout Character of the show, he did tend to act like a major Jerkass to both Brenda and Kelly when he was in relationships with them.

It didn’t help that he was often the loner who felt that he had to deal with everything alone, especially prominent in Season 5 when he lost his fortune, often rejecting the help of his friends even when they offered. However, his fans also stated that his Freudian Excuse of a con-artist dad and a New-Age hippy mom justifies his behavior, and also believe that he is genuinely kindhearted, well-read, and generous when he strips away all of his stoic armor.

In the episode, Brenda finds a journal in the floorboards of her room; the book was written by a girl who lived in the house during the ’60s who was having friendship issues around the same time as the Vietnam War. Brenda connects with the girl because she too is also at a rough spot with her friends at the time, and then goes on to imagine the girl Wendy and her friends as her and her friends. It’s an odd episode because none of the characters look right as a ’60s character e.

Steve in a Nehru jacket or Dylan as your typical hippie , and is basically an excuse for the writers to belt out their feelings about the Vietnam War, which none of the show’s audience wouldn’t really connect with.

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