Add to Wishlist Install Iasi Official App is an application aimed at both tourists and locals that is dedicated to the Iasi city area, in Romania. The app offers detailed information on most attractive POIs and events in the area, as well as on existing local services hotels, guest houses, restaurants, bars, shops, supermarkets or local news city hall press reports. The content is updated real-time and is continuously subject to improving in order to provide accurate and relevant info. The current version of the Iasi Official CityApp contains the following themes: All POIs contain relevant information photos, text, address, telephone and cell phone number with the possibility to call using the call function of the device, email address with the possibility to send a message using the email function of the device, website, opening hours, location of the POIs shown on Google maps, routing options Alphabetical and by distance sorting options are implemented. Also, various filtering options are available, according to the type of POIs.

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Nov 13,  · speed dating iasi speed dating cluj miles north of istanbul and bosphorus strait turkey and 99 miles north of varna ancient metropolis, romania’s oldest continuously inhabited and the country’s largest sea port, constanta traces its history some 2, , and my father put his arm out of joint to have.

This section is courtesy of Travel Lady Magazine From the province of Moldavia, head westward along a good, but mountainous, road to Romania’s most traditional region, Maramures. The drive takes about five hours with no stops, but this is virtually an impossibility, especially for photographers. Picturesque villages notably Ciocanesti, whose houses covered with painted flowers and geometrics make it arguably Romania’ s prettiest village , spectacular mountain scenery and a unique museum smack in the middle of nowhere The Museum of the Tree Roots Muzeul Radacinilor with a bizarre exhibit of figures sculpted from tree roots all beg inspection.

Gawking becomes even more demanding once Maramures is reached. At Mosei, turn left toward Bistrita, then right after a few miles toward Sacel and Sighetu Marmatiei , the principal town. Sighetu also can be reached by continuing straight at Mosei, but the lower road passes through the region’ s most traditional villages. From Sacel on, each village offers its share, and more, of wooden houses, many with sculpted designs on balconies and around entrances.

Then, there are the towering carved wooden gates, attached to fences half their size, rising before even modest dwellings. Popular motifs include grapevines, acorns, twisted rope, sun symbols, crosses and forest animals. The villages of Barsana and Oncesti have, perhaps, the greatest number of impressive gates. Maramures is Brigadoon land where the way of life has changed little over the centuries.

In late afternoon, old women sit outside their gates coaxing coarse wool onto spindles. Many still favor traditional dress, meaning white frounced blouses, striped woven panels covering full black skirts, headscarves and “opinci”, a sort of leather ballet slipper from which heavy yarn criss-crosses over thick socks.

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Visit the ancient Dacian civilization of Cucuteni, a mysterious civilization believed to be the first one in Europe dating back 5, — 7, BC. In Iasi we will focus on street photography and architecture: Plan to arrive before 7: Dinner will include local culinary delicacies, local wines and brandy or liqueur. Human figures of clay and sand, proto-urban settlements, intricate pottery and various tools were found at Cucuteni.

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“GHEORGHE ASACHI” TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF IASI ROMANIA, “Iaşi is more than a once (dating from the Iron Age and the 4th – 12th c. A.D.). major knots of commercial transit roads in the Eastern part of Romania; its network of roads and railways are easily accessible from any part of Romania and Europe. 2.

Welcome to new Video Chat! Click on “Start” button above to start the Video Chat. Click on to enable your web camera. In recent years, this country has especially rapidly developing tourism industry. Tourists are attracted to Romania by the majestic Carpathian Mountains, the beautiful Black Sea beaches, architectural monuments of Romanian cities.

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Prehistory[ edit ] In , Oldowan flint tools were discovered at Bayraki that are , —1. The inhabitants of this civilization, which lasted roughly from to BC, practiced agriculture, raised livestock, hunted, and made intricately designed pottery. Several authors believed the Soroca Fort was built on the site of a former Genoese fortress named Olhionia.

Between the 1st and 7th centuries AD, the south was intermittently under the Roman , and then Byzantine Empires. Due to its strategic location on a route between Asia and Europe, the territory of modern Moldova was invaded many times in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages , including by Goths , Huns , Avars , Bulgarians , Magyars , Pechenegs , Cumans , Mongols and Tatars.

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Average and minimum salary in Bucharest, Romania: let’s analyze the prospects of one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. The average and minimum salary in Bucharest, Romania give a nice insight of this Southeastern European country, which is growing steadily in the past few years. Since the fall of Ceaucescu, Romania has migrated from a planned economy to free trade in a market economy.

Admission charge tickets may be purchased for one or all four museums 1. Encompassing 16 rooms, the displays cover every aspect of traditional Moldavian life, featuring agricultural and hunting tools, woodwork, traditional pottery, painted eggs and a good collection of textiles and dyed carpets embroidered with bird and plant motifs. One room exhibits winter customs items, including masks representing the bear, the goat and other characters of traditional New Year’s festivities.

The collection of wooden machinery is impressive with 19th century tree-size oil and wine presses. Art Museum Muzeul de Arta The art collection began with a set of oil paintings purchased at a Parisian auction in The official opening took place in at the Old University Palace and in , the museum moved to its current location in the Palace of Culture.

An excellent collection of Romanian paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries vividly illustrates Moldavian rural life and its landscape. Additionally, you’ll find works by foreign artists who lived and worked in Iasi such as Schiavonim Livaditii and Stavscki. Moldavian History Museum Muzeul de Istorie al Moldovei Opened in , this museum features some 35, objects spanning the centuries from 70, B.

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Both are second-tier cities in the east of their respective countries. I stayed in Lublin for 3 months and Iasi for 2. Lublin is a university town that reveals the conservative side of Poland. It is much poorer than Western Poland so a provider game would generally work better on the non-student population. The city itself is small without much to do. There is some nightlife from Wednesday through Saturday.

There are few tourists here but tons of foreign medical students from Canada and Scandinavia most of them are Indian, heh.


In the 16th century some refugees from the Spanish expulsion came to Walachia from the Balkan Peninsula. A few served as physicians and even diplomats at the court of the sovereigns of Walachia. Since it was on the trade routes between Poland – Lithuania and the Ottoman Empire many Jewish merchants traveled through Moldavia, the second Romanian principality in the northeast , founded in the middle of the 14th century.

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Building relationships As we drove around the city he showed us the flats he used to accommodate women in, the taxis used for ferrying clients and women around. He was in his mid s, good looking, well dressed, looked after himself. He was in a long-term relationship.

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Iasi Iasi Iasi is the second most populous city in Romania, located in the northeast Romania. Located in the historical Moldavia region, Iasi has traditionally been one of the leading centers of Romanian social, cultural, academic and artistic life. The city of Iasi was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from to , then of the United Principalities from to and the capital of Romania from to Home to the first Romanian university and to the first engineering school, Iasi is the second largest university center in Romania which accommodates over 75, students in 5 public and 7 private universities.

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How to get here: Prince Stephan the Great commissioned bridges and paved roads for the transportation of wine from the Cotnari vineyards. Grasa de Cotnari was awarded the gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. Located in the small village of Cotnari, the Cotnari vineyards are famous for their delicious sweet white wines made of grapes rich in sugar and harvested in late autumn following the first frost. The quality of these wines relies on a combination of rich soil, the late harvest and the presence of a special mold Botritis cinerea.

The winery’s most popular wines include Francusa dry , Catalina semisweet and the sweet, golden Grasa and Tamaioasa dessert wines. The most popular brand, “Grasa de Cotnari”, is an excellent white wine often referred to as the “golden nectar. The winemaking plant produces 4 to 6 million bottles a year and boasts a collection of more than , bottles.

Cotnari winery offers wine-tasting sessions and tours of the cellars and factory.

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Bucharest jews are mentioned for the first time in a rabbinical correspondence dating back to the 16th century. The events of the second world war and then of the emigration to Israel caused a great drop in the jewish population in Bucharest. Today it stands at less than 10, jews.

ADULTS ONLY! This website contains nudity, explicit sexual content and adult language. It should be accessed only by people who are of legal age in the physical location from .

Romania passed environment protection lows in , and , and a National Council for the Protection of the Environment was created in Water quality has been monitored since , and air quality since An ordonance on atmospheric polluation was passed in and a new environment low in created Environment Protection Agency in each of the Romania’s counties, responsible for polluation monitoring and permits.

Ecological disaster struck Romania in January when a tailing dam burst at a Romanian-Australian owened gold mine in Baia Mare, prompting , cubic metres of cyanide-contaminated water to spill into Tisa and Danube rivers and subsequently kill thousands of fish and birds in Romania. In March another dam burst at a zinc plant in Baia Borsa and an estimated 20, tons of pollutive waste gushed into Tisa.

Since the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve has ecologically reconstructed large areas of land in the Delta, removing dikes and reflooding what was originally natural marshland. Romania continues to be involved in various joint projects with the World Bank to protect Black Sea ecosystems. The electrical power industry has relied on thermal and hydro-power stations. However radioactive waste continues to be a problem until Romania discovers a safe means of disposal.

Nature reserves have existed in Romania since ‘s, and some 6. The first National Park was created in in the Retezat Mountains.

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