Basic Troubleshooting for CJ gauges

Being able to check fuel pressure vacuum can help an owner diagnose a future engine running problem or allow him to monitor the condition of the fuel filter in an on-going basis. This not only can save you a lot of frustration in the high-stakes game of vehicle service, but can save you money on fuel filters by not replacing them till the fuel restriction gauge tells you it’s time. For whatever reason, you can get a bad load of fuel at any fuel station, or you can be exposed to poor fuel quality on a chronic basis. Unless you have a fuel pressure gauge, we recommend changing the fuel filter at the recommended service interval up to 15, miles or whenever your engine experiences a running problem, no matter how long it’s been since the last service interval. This is part of why a fuel pressure gauge is important. Over the course of your diesel ownership, a fuel pressure gauge will save you money by not having to guess about the condition of your fuel filter. This DTC indicates that the difference between the actual fuel rail pressure and the commanded rail pressure is greater than 20 MPa. While this could also indicate a “Large Fuel Leak Detected”, which is related to excessive fuel return flow bad fuel injector s or loose fuel return fittings , this could also indicate a restricted fuel filter or fuel supply line. This code could occur when more than 5″ of vacuum is present at the fuel pressure test port shown below. The KD Fuel Pressure Gauge can be indispensable when troubleshooting these and other fuel related problems.

Installing an Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Whether you’re towing a stock trailer or racing down the quarter mile, having the ability to monitor vital engine statistics is extremely crucial. We also carry mounting systems from Autometer to ensure your gauges have a factory looking installation. Just remember, no matter what, you can never have too many gauges.

Float Styel Fuel Level Sending Unit, ohm. Works with Fuel Safe Fuel Gauge, GA and all fuel gauges. Standard SAE 5 hole mounting pattern.

AMP gauges at the dash are troublesome. They should be by-passed, and then install a VOLT gauge. With normal but frequent use, most of these Dodge trucks will have electrical wiring problems. The first to fail were often the trucks equipped with factory air conditioning. The air conditioning system adds a significant electrical load. The additional current flow when using the air conditioning and increased resistance with heat will break down the weak areas more quickly.

With sufficient use, the non-air equipped trucks will also have electrical problems stemming from the same cause. Typical Dodge electrical problems result from a very antiquated power distribution system. The main source of power for the Dodge electrical system is based upon an old design AMP gauge at the dash and related wiring system.

AFTERMARKET autometer fuel gauge!!! WTF!

A good basic tool that gets the job done. The idle air flow is balanced first. The Uni-Syn is adjusted so that the ball rises about half way up the tube. By adjusting the idle speed screws the idle speed is maintained about RPM and the flow is adjusted so that the ball raises the same on both carbs.

Q: Where does the wire hook on that sends the fuel level to fuel gauge on a Willys CJ-2A? A: It goes from the sending unit in the tank to the ‘s’ post on the back of the gauge.

Data presented are the same from his popular website with only minor changes to spelling and overall format. Aldrich passed away in and graciously allowed me to use some information from this website before his passing. This process can be applied to all recent GM cars except those with computerized gauges. You’re looking for a single tan colored wire. With the tan wire disconnected at the fuel tank, the fuel gauge should read past full with the ignition on. Wait a few moments as some fuel gauges take a long time to respond.

Touch the tan wire from the body to any convenient ground and the gauge should read empty. If not, you have a wiring problem or a bad gauge.

Tractor Fuel Gauge/Sender Problem

Supplies Gather your supplies. For the sake of this build we are going to assume you have a 30 amp plug on your generator – like the one shown. If your have one different please adjust your supplies.

depend on vehicle, gauge type, gauge location and / or sensor location). For correct and proper GlowShift Gauge installation and operation, the use of 18 Gauge (wire diameter) automotive grade conductor wire with sheathing is recommended for one or more gauges per vehicle.

The ZR2 How to wire the fuel gauge in a 97 I get asked quite frequently about issues that people are having with their fuel gauge in 97 trucks that are LS swapped. I’m going to try and compile all of the info that I have into this new thread to make it easier for everyone and so that I won’t forget steps. Ok I know this info to be fact for 97 trucks and blazers, I don’t know about 96 models and I know that 95 and older and 98 and newer are NOT the same.

You can access it by removing the lower cover under the passenger side of the dash. The buffer module is a circuit board inside of a black plastic housing, wrapped in some foam crap, and stuck somewhere to the back side of the glove box. The pin letters are marked on the plastic casing if I remember correctly. These are the wires that you need to check at the board. Pink – Pin A – Ignition switched 12v – Check this for 12 volts with the key on. This one comes directly off of the level sensor in the tank.

It has a resistance that varies from 20ohm to ohm roughly. You can also shake the truck and watch the resistance move because it’s unbuffered at this point so the fuel will slosh around and move the float. This wire goes out to a 2 pin connector C right beside connector under the hood behind the pcm, near the blower motor. There are two wires in this plug but you only need to hook the ground up.

Notice the pin letters beside the wires, very helpful in finding the correct wires.

Autometer Fuel Gauge Install no worky

We recommend Internet Explorer set to x Schreurs Even we have a disclaimer. No revolution is complete without a secret handshake. The problem with doing lots of fuel-intensive mods on a fuel-injected car is that sooner or later you’ll hit the limits of what the computer can compensate without a physical upgrade to the system.

Feb 28,  · Re: airfuel gauge hook up A wideband will read v and a good one like the Innovate will read A narrowband reads v and tells you above or below (stoich for gasoline).

Click to jump to this section. Karmann Ghias and Buses had them even before this. The gauge used on the Beetle from ’68 onward is a thermally-actuated design. It is not a new concept; Ford used gauges similar to this as early as the ‘s and it probably goes back even further. Here’s the basic concept: The rheostat varies the current flowing into the fuel gauge on the dash.

Inside the gauge, a tiny heating element responds to the rheostat current. When fuel level is high, current is at a maximum and the heater gets hottest. The heater is wound around a small bi-metal strip ; heater warms up, the strip bends or “warps”.

hooking up air/fuel gauge

For my turbo Silverado, one of the necessities of the whole install, considering the fact that I’m using an FMU because of Chevrolet’s outdated poppet system on the 4. After looking around, I decided on the white 7 color LED gauges from glo shift. Next I rounded up all of the essentials for the install. In that picture are, from left to right, 18 Gauge wire, teflon tape, mounting tap, and A schrader valve core removal tool, I bought them all from advance auto parts. Next was the AN fittings I would need to install the pressure sender on the Shrader valve.

As far as other handy things that I used, that werent exactly necessary, were.

Feb 22,  · im installing auto meter fuel pressure gauge on my 05 f ive read alot of post and threads about how and where somewhat to install.. I will be installing the gauge inside the cab of the truck so i can see it at all times.. so alot i read was about mounting the gauge inside the engine bay and all, so i dont need the hose ive read about to move the gauge from engine area to avoid.

Need a wiring diagram for a fuel gauge. February 15, , I had to make my own dash harness to complete the job. Everything works accept the gas gauge. According to the Circuit Connector Pin Location sheet I have it say’s ” factory rally pack gauge cars used a fuel gauge employing a separate 2 position connector” I have the new gas gauge wired to the two position connector that went to the factory gauge but my gas gauge is pegged full. After talking to speedhut they say that means the gauge isn’t reading any resistance.

My stock gas gauge worked fine before so I don’t think it’s the sender. Here are some pictures of the stock wiring harness at the cluster before I started. Here are the wires I didn’t use in my new harness The two tan wires are brake light The pink with white is seatbelt warning If you notice in the two top pictures there are 2 black wires in the original harness. The pin location sheet I referenced only shows 1 black wire?? Now I have one black wire left over.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the gas gauge?

Fuel Level Gauge Installation and Troubleshooting